More than a nourishing beverage
They're perfect for the 2 o'clock slump.
Grain-free, refined sugar free
"The best thing I ever put in my face."
Bone broth based
A delicious way to support healthy digestion.

Beyond dietary labels... Just real food.

Old School Nutrition

We aspire to celebrate food the way it was in generations past! We are WAPF–inspired and locally focused. Some would call us paleo-ish. Together let’s move beyond dietary dogma to simply embrace real food! We are dedicated to nourishing our community and inspiring friends. Feel alive. Eat and drink well. Listen to your body.

We are a small and mighty food stand in the heart of Ramsay in Calgary Alberta. Come visit – you’ll leave with a smile and an energized body.

Your gut, body and mind -
it's all connected.

Traditional Food

By now you’ve probably heard about leaky gut, paleo, vegan, raw, GAPS, WAPF, keto, probiotics, anti-nutrients and super foods. You might be as confused as we were and looking for some direction or maybe you have a good idea about what it all means but want some new skills or are busy and want some real food prepared like you would do at home. We’re here to help you thru your journey, bringing traditional foods and preparation methods to the forefront. Maybe you don’t want the classes, you just want the food. We have you covered there. We don’t believe in one right diet for everyone but we do believe that whatever dietary choices you make should be as delicious and nutritious as possible.


German for broth

Play on words - BREW

Kombucha, tea, coffee are all available at Brühe and all brewed

soup [noun] a liquid food made from meat, vegetables etc.  She made some chicken soup.

stock [noun] liquid obtained by boiling meat, bones etc and used for making soup etc.  beef/vegetable stock.

people say about us

People Love Us!

My favorite ice-cream in the city, they have dairy free options! I really enjoy the service and friendliness of staff, great people.
Keziah Dew
Google Review
Best ice cream in Calgary, and the food is really keto friendly
Anita Stevens
Google Review
Don't let the size of the room fool you ... there's so much it has to offer (for even the most discerning tastes)! I need to live closer to Ramsay so I can visit more often!
Andrea Oh
Facebook Review
Yummy keto friendly real food - great service and take home options. Yum!!!
Ryan Taylor
Facebook Review