who is brühe?

just real food

In late 2019 Jamie and Susan and the boys bought Brühe. You can find Susan most weekdays at the Ramsay location.

Jamie and Susan met while working together in a small oil and gas company a million years ago. Jamie stayed and had a long career until the recent layoffs affecting the industry. Susan left, went to SAIT for Hotel Restaurant Management, they got married and had babies. In between the boys, vacations, and regular family life, Susan kept learning. She has a Certificate of Aromatherapy from the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy, is a Traditional Foods Teacher training under Monica Corrado, has a couple of different herbalism trainings, took Nourishing Hope-Personalized Nutrition for Health and Healing with Julie Matthews, is a past Certified 21 Day Sugar Detox Coach, and reads and reads and reads, reads some more, shares and teaches. In fact, Jamie is her best student and now is the food genius behind Brühe’s delicious ferments and broths.

In the past 14 years Jamie and Susan have seen food do amazing things. Brühe is an extension of that. Pop in for a conversation, a real food treat, a butter coffee or even your groceries! Brühe stocks an amazing collection of local and/or artisanal, hard to find products to help you stay on track with the way of eating that serves YOU best.