Hot Drinks

butter coffee

Grassfed butter and locally roasted coffee beans are used to deliver a creamy and light beverage that will fuel your mind and body with healthy fats and anti-oxidants for sustained energy and sharp focus.



Locally roasted coffee beans ground fresh, a magical substance that turns “leave me alone” into “good morning!



Concentrated coffee



Concentrated coffee with organic steamed milk



Concentrated coffee with organic steamed and foamed milk



Concentrated coffee and hot water



Concentrated coffee and regular coffee



a variety of teas from Vitaliteas, see in store for selection



a variety of teas from Vitaliteas, see in store for selection


herbal tea

a variety of teas from The New New Age, see in store for selection


tea latte

Blended with organic milk



Dairy free, rich and creamy. Decadent cocoa butter, cacao powder, sweetener of choice and collagen


sipping stock

The heart of our mini café, this super-fuel allows us to nourish you by the cup! Local, grassfinished/pastured meaty bones simmered with a touch of sea salt. Pick from our list of add-ons to make your cup suit your mood!


trinity prana

The original. Chocolate, coconut with a touch of sweetness. Rich and smooth!


dandy prana

We took the Trinity and added dandelion root….yum!


golden prana

Happiness in a mug! The best turmeric latte, we promise!


matcha prana

Coconut prana adds an extra level of smoothness to your matcha fix!


Cold Drinks


organic lemon juice, stevia or maple syrup and water, try a spirulina cube….energized!


lemon rickey

lemonade with a splash of bitters


cream soda

we do this the old fashioned way. Sparkling water, real cream and your choice of flavoured stevia drops. Pineapple cream soda is a favourite!



Happy Belly Kombucha on tap. Fill a cup or a growler.



pick your favourite kombucha and add a scoop of gelato. Or go the classic route and pick an Annex Soda.


iced soda

like a float but soda water or for a flavour boost but still saving on calories top with a Rocky Mountain Tisane. The Power Up over Bourbon Vanilla Bean gelato is a new classic.



Any of our gelato flavours blended with organic milk.



Any of our gelato flavours topped with a shot of espresso


whipped coffee

Organic instant coffee blended until luscious and floated over organic milk